Real Estate agents should know about disclosures they are obliged to tell you about

  • by fred - Mon, 03/21/2016 - 12:55

In the State of Washington and the US, there are a number of required by law disclosures that all Real Estate Agents are to provide you "prior" to you signing any agreement, whether listing or buying.  Here is a quick list.  Did you agent provide these before you signed any agreements?

Here is a list of real estate disclosures every agent must share with the potential house buyer or seller:

  1. Agency of Law Pamphlet.  Required by the State of Washington.  Describes the duties of your agent!is
  2. Lead Paint Disclosure.  Required by US.  Describes dangers of lead based paint in older homes.  Required in all transactions that have a home older then 1978.
  3. A few others;
  4. Molds
  5. Short Sale Disclosure

Here at the Doner Group, we take continuing real estate education very seriously.  IN fact our managing/designated broker is a Washington State certified educator and teaches RE Fundamentals and other RE required clock hour courses.  Have not only vast experience working for you, but one of the most RE educated agents in the region assist you in your Real Estate needs.

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