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To buy, or not to buy. that is the question

Getting a lot if inquiries regarding if this is a good time to buy in the Puget Sound Region.  The short answer is "Yes".  Even though interest rates are higher than a year ago, they are still pretty low historically speaking.  The general consensus is that even though they will probably go higher in the coming months, eventually they will come down.  If you tried to buy in the past couple of years, you experienced a crazy market where the competitions for home

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Shrinking housing inventory in Snohomish County as State nears Phase 2 of Governor Inslee's reopening the economy plan.

For six straight weeks now, in Snohomish County, home sales (residential homes) have been out pacing new homes on the market, at a rate of four to one.  What does that mean?  Well in this time of Pandemic Covid-19, speculation is difficult, but does not take a math genius to realize that it will be more and more difficult for buyers to find and secure a new home.  Great if you are a Seller.  If you home is priced at market rate, ready to move in, you should be able to sell relatively quickly once on the market.

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Home Buyers Still Competing for Sparse Inventory in Western Washington, Driving Prices UP - Especially for Sought-After Condominiums.

Latest Press Release, Northwest Multiple Listing Service
February 5, 2018
Current Statistics

KIRKLAND, Washington (February 5, 2018) - "The Seattle area real estate market hasn't skipped a beat with pent-up demand from buyers is stronger than ever," remarked broker John Deely in reacting to the latest statistics from Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The report on January activity shows a slight year-over-year gain in pending sales, a double-digit increase in prices, and continued shortages of inventory.

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