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If there is an offer on a house already, do I still have a chance to buy it?

  • by fred - Sat, 04/18/2015 - 21:02

It really depends.  If both parties have negotiated to Mutual Acceptances (that means they have both signed off on the contract), then chances are not very good. It is the first Buyers’ home to lose.   Seller can only void the contract for a contractual reason, even if you offer a bunch of money more! 

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Looking to buy a house close to both light rail and the Seattle / Chief Sealth Trail

The whole Beacon Hill area still offers some good prices compared to almost any area as close to Seattle city center. For many reasons, economic ones mostly, that whole section between the I-5 to the west and light rail to the east, but north of Renton, you can still buy a great house for under $400,000. And if you've more elbow grease than money, you can opt for a fixer-upper and get a great deal. The key is patience, and then being able to move on a purchase when the right deal presents itself.

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What are CC&R's and should I be concerned about then when purchasing a home?

CC&R' stands for Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions. These CC&R's are attached legally to the property and can not be removed. Your title company will provide you and your agent with a current copy.    And yes you should absolutely review them to your own satisfaction before going through with the purchase of your new home.  Any good Real Estate Agent will make sure there is a clause that allows your to review and approve CC&R’s in your purchase and Sale Offer/Agreement.  

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New Year Resolution...sell that house? Save thousands.

Made the decision to sell your house this year?  Make sure you talk to us about how to save thousands in listing fees and still recieve full service.  We apply over three decades of experience in manageing the sale of your home.  And we promise "No Nonsense"!  call us for a free evaluation.  Make sure you are fully informed before making a decision.


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What are the most important attributes to consider when hiring a Real Estate Agent?

  • by fred - Tue, 12/30/2014 - 11:56

Simply put…Knowledge and Experience.   Selling your home is not Rocket Science; however, there are numerous pitfalls that can engulf you if you are not careful.  Your goal should be to maximize your profit, in a reasonable amount of time, with as little risk and pain as possible.  I once read that the five most stressful events we Americans go through, buying and selling a house, were right up there with getting married, getting divorced and death in the family.  Regardless of whether that is still true, it highlights the potential stress selling or buying a house c

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