Yes! Do the yard work before marketing your home!

Often Sellers ask me, should they clean up their yards before marketing their homes?  Short answer is yes!  Ever hear that saying about first impressions?  Well it definitely applies here in the housing market.  You do not have to spend thousands with a professional landscaper.  But cleaning up garden spaces, trimming back bushes and cuttng the grass can do wonders!  Bark is inexpensive.  Make the investment.  I've seen Buyers turn around and not even go into the house, because the yard is trashed.  It sends a signal to buyuers that maybe the seller did not take care of the house.  So fix up your yard,  it will add value!  Call us, and we will come through your property, make a list of recommendations of what needs to be done.  We are minimalist so we only recomend those items that are neccessary.  And this service is free!  We will also do a Comparitive Market Analysis (CMA) of your home.   No obligation.  425-712-8008